Welcome to MyPad

The MyPad Concept

MyPad is an exciting concept of taking used shipping containers (usually abandoned by shipping companies) and transforming them into architect designed, luxury homes for use as beach, holiday or guest houses.

The MyPad is flexible. It is transportable anywhere, and offers flexible, short or  long term solutions that enables you to use your land or garden without the cost of investing in a permanent property commitment. It could be ideal if you have or considered a leased land situation.

The MyPad is suited to any environment no matter how remote, and can be purchased entirely fitted to live on or off the grid, by having alternative power options if there is no regular power source to the location.

It is ideal living space for any environ and quickly adapts to unfold a living space which has minimal impact on the site, it is secure and easy to secure or relocate. As a shipping container it can live in extreme weather conditions and wont get easily blown away like a regular camping solution.