Renting your House to Dublin City Council

Renting your House to Dublin City Council

Dublin City Long Term Leasing Initiative

Dublin City Council (DCC) leases furnished properties from private landlords/owners. These properties are used to house persons on DCC’s housing list. The Council is looks for properties which are of good quality and they can have been perviously occupied or not. The scheme is separate to the Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS) and benefits property owners who want long term guaranteed income without the requirement of managing the tenants and maintaining the property.

The Lease & Rent

Leases are for 10 to 20 years, and are agreed between the owner and DCC. Owners receive approximately 80% of the current market rent of the property and rents are agreed through negotiation with the DCC and the landlord/owner. The rent discount is applied so as to take account of the cost of the management of the tenant, property maintenance responsibilities taken on by Dublin City Council and also the elimination of vacant unoccupied periods where a property owner would normally not receive a rent payment.

Upward and downward rent reviews are carried out every 2 years, as per the lease agreement and payments to the landlord/owner are made monthly in advance by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). It's worth noting that if the landlord/owner lives outside Ireland, the rental income is subject to withholding tax.

The Property & Responsibilities

The property should be furnished and it is the tenant’s responsibility to accept ownership of the furnishings. Recommended furnishings include floor coverings and blinds/curtains in all rooms, a cooker, fridge freezer, washing machine, microwave, table and chairs in the kitchen. The living room or living area should typically have a sofa, couch or armchairs. All bedrooms should have bedside lockers, wardrobes and beds which are of a suitable size with respect to the room, but bunkbeds aren't allowed.

DCC will maintain the property internally for the full term of the lease, including maintenance of the boiler. The property owner retains responsibility for the structural maintenance and repair of the property, consequently the owner is still responsible for insuring the property but not the contents.

With regard to maintenance, the tenant is responsible for general maintenance, e.g. cutting the grass in the garden of a house, while in the case of an apartment, the Management Company will be responsible and any management fees remain the responsibility of the owner. For waste disposal and refuse collection, where there is a maintenance charge by the management company, it is usually already includedand so the owner of the property pays the maintenance charge. Where there is no maintenance charge the tenany will be liable for the refuse charges.

So, what are the potential benefits to this initiative?

  • Guarnateed leases for 10 years
  • A guaranteed rent in advance even when the property is vacant
  • No tenant management – DCC will be the landlord to the tenant
  • DCC are responsible for the day to day maintenance of the property
  • No rent collection or rent arrears obligations
  • No advertising or administrative overheads
  • No requirement to register with the PRTB


If you're interested in leasing a property to DCC, you complete and submit a form on their website and submit it to them (Dublin County Council's Website). As long as your house or apartment is within Dublin City Council’s administrative area, the Council will consider your application. They will determine the demand for social housing in the area and having inspected the property, will let you know if they're interested within a week. If there is a requirement for your property, then DCC will enter into negotiations with you in respect of the rental terms.

DCC could refuse a property if there is currently no demand for social housing in your area, if the Council has already reached it’s quota of social housing units in the area, if the condition of the property does not meet regulations or standards,if the rents cannot be agreed between both parties.

Sources: Dublin County Council's Website

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