What is the RTB (PRTB)?

What is the RTB (PRTB)?

What is the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB)/Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB)?

The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) was established in 2004 to operate a national tenancy registration system, as a resource for tenants and landlords and to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants. It also provides policy advice to the Government on the private rented sector, and its dispute resolution service replaces the courts in relation to the majority of landlord and tenant disputes. All tenancies are required to be registered by the landlord within 1 calendar month of a new tenancy.

Registration of Tenancies

The RTB maintains a national register of private residential tenancies and all tenancies are required to be registered. To this end there are penalties for landlords who do not register. The RTB can share information with local authorities, which enforce the regulations relating to standards and rent books. It can also share information with the Department of Social Protection and the Revenue Commissioners.

The basic rate is €90 per tenancy where the RTB receives the completed application within a month of the start of the tenancy, with a late fee of €180 per tenancy where an application is received after that. You can read more information about PTRB registration fees on their website.

Dispute resolution

The RTB provides a confidential dispute resolution service. The dispute resolution process can be initiated by a tenant, a landlord or are a person who is otherwise directly affected by a problem (for example, if you are a neighbour). A landlord who has not registered the tenancy with the RTB cannot use the dispute resolution service, but their tenant(s) can use it.

The online fee for dispute resolution by adjudication is €15 and it costs €25 to apply on paper. There is no fee if you apply to have your dispute resolved by mediation.The online fee for appeal to a tenancy tribunal is €85 and it costs €100 to apply on paper.

You can read more documents relating to resolving disputes on the RTB’s website.

Research and information

The RTB has published a number of research reports on issues in the private rented sector and it also publishes a quarterly Rent Index. It provides a wide range of information for tenants, landlords and agents, along with sample forms and other publications.


Sources: The RTB Website,  Citizens Information Website

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